According to justice correspondent, Elie Mystal, in The Nation yesterday “If there’s a message the Biden administration seems to be pushing during its first months in office, it’s that government works.”

Mystal notes, “It’s become something of a trend in recent decades for Republicans, who don’t think government can work, to spend their years in power breaking it in order to fulfill their own prophecy; it then falls to Democrats to spend their years in power fixing what the Republicans destroyed.”

He accurately notes, however, the mess that Biden inherited is a “somewhat bigger” mess than befell his predecessors Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

And at the same time Mystal points to a greater concern that,

“While previous Republican administrations tried to break government, Donald Trump tried to break democracy. He did it less boldly but no less brazenly, by working alongside Mitch McConnell to take over the unelected branch of government that sets the rule for all the others: the federal judiciary.”

“That branch is now stuffed with conservative ideologues masquerading as jurists,” and Mystal adds, “…there will still be Trump judges wielding significant power into the 2060s, warping the legal landscape.”

Mystal backs up his stand with well-researched examples and statistics of current court procedures going wrong. But he also offers hope – the solution being the expansion of the lower courts.

My book The Contrarian Candidate also offers a perspective of the workings of American government. Like President Biden, the protagonist, Charlie Wyatt seeks a better world based on the notion of a greater good. It’s a novel in which self aggrandizement is trumped by policies that recognize others.

Give it a read and let me know what you think.

(Illustration credit: Illustration by Barry Blitt, The Nation)