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Trump has survived one impeachment, with another one in the works. He’s also dodged (so far) twenty-six accusations of sexual misconduct, and an estimated four thousand lawsuits. That run of good luck may well end, perhaps brutally, with Biden at the helm.

Will he try to pardon himself? Will he evade scrutiny and fly off and operate outside the USA? Will he remain a media sensation harnessing the alt-right?

Readers of The Contrarian Candidate will enjoy this eerily timely article in the New Yorker magazine, written just before the election. November 1, 2020 which seems like a long time ago now. Check out how many predictions from then have already come true, and how some feel like they night be right around the corner! (There is also an audio version with the New Yorker article, if you prefer.)

The risk of violence in the weeks before Joe Biden’s inauguration played out much as predicted with the breach of the Capitol Building by insurrectionists, and is so well-documented in this Washington Post video presentation. Readers of The Contrarian Candidate will appreciate the details.