By Bartholomew St. James

The Contrarian Candidate

Can a scathing stand-up comic betray the narcissist-in-chief,
dodge an assassin’s bullet and win the Presidency?

Who doesn’t love a good behind-the-scenes political story? It takes place during one day in the U.S. Presidential campaign on debate day. Former stand-up comic, Charlie Wyatt, has been an avid supporter of the President…until he just can’t take any more. He can’t bear the lying, cheating, and the flagrant display of corruption. He can’t condone the in-your-face racism, the destruction of families, and the escalation of violence instigated by the President’s very own brand of hate speech. He can’t bear the decimation of inalienable rights of the America he has always loved.

A most unexpected choice, Charlie Wyatt, the real-life comic decides to try to save the country he loves. Charlie takes life into his own hands to run for President. This political novel takes you on a journey with Charlie to address what we are all thinking about right now.


St. James

Bartholomew St. James has spent a lifetime as a deep political thinker, operative and strategist and has now turned his analysis and political insight into a novel that turns politics on its head. He felt compelled to write about what is top-of-mind for many of us at this tumultuous and volatile time in 2020. He needed to address how to reunite a country that has not been this divided since the American Civil War. The Contrarian Candidate is his first novel.

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Roger Currie

columnist and broadcaster

So this is how everything ends up compromised…political leadership, media, elections, intimate relationships…The Contrarian Candidate take the up close and personal view behind the scenes so that the unthinkable seems reasonable, however wrong it may be…but understanding it all provides hope and humanity….

Patrick Lowe

filmmaker and documentarian

Intense and  fast paced, this novel takes the pulse of the current American zeitgeist …readers will be well rewarded to open this dry, incisive political satire…highly readable!”

Lesley Hughes

Canadian journalist and frequent book reviewer based in Winnipeg, Canada.

Fiction bests non-fiction once again, as The Contrarian Candidate takes on the big question citizens of the world are asking: how did America decline into its current miserable state? And is there a door marked EXIT? The novel brims with the honesty and compassion needed for political opponents to come together. Too entertaining to put down and too insightful to forget…..


“When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President; I’m beginning to believe it.”

– Clarence Darrow

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Partisanship is a dead end

Partisanship is a dead end

Three things I learned while writing a novel about Trump and his politics, Part 1 of 3:
A comedic attack might be the only way to effectively neutralize Trump’s attack mode barbs – his one rhetorical tool and his one real advantage over the politicians he’s faced.

Trump is just a sideshow

Trump is just a sideshow

Three things I learned while writing a novel about Trump and his politics, Part 2 of 3:
The Trump phenomenon is not about Trump – not really. It’s much bigger than that. Because Trump is more a symptom than a cause. 

Forget the evil genius thing

Forget the evil genius thing

Three things I learned while writing a novel about Trump and his politics, Part 3 of 3:
Trump is not the genius he was once believed to be. The more savvy and connected an individual was, the more they were inclined toward seeing Trump’s genius.

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